Teamviewer Free License Agreement

But I did not succeed because of the fact that it is necessary to accept the license agreement from the first launch. So I try to start with -X-touch via SSH, but this window with accepting the license agreement key doesn`t appear! Only if the license is not accepted does the error message window appear. In these cases, we must purchase a License to use TeamViewer to avoid the consequences of shutting down the program due to the organization of business activities. Another important point: before connecting two computers, you need to make sure that both use the free version of the program. If a licensed version is installed on one of them, the program automatically detects that the second version is also intended for commercial use. At the end of the day, the same problem arises. When installing TeamViewer via SSH, please note that there is a DEEE agreement that must be accepted before the graphical interface can be launched to obtain an identifier. To return to the free version of the program, you should consider changing the three attributes listed. TeamViewer is free software, but only if we use it for personal use. If we want to conduct business with this application, we have to buy a license. But lately, even with TeamViewer for personal use, many users have identified a problem such as stopping the program within 5 minutes of launch with a message about the possible incorrect use of the “Commercial Use” software.

Reinstall the latest version of TeamViewer 1.) SSH in the device to install TeamViewer (Follow installation instructions. If help is needed for shell controls, then teamviewer –help) 2.) After the installation of TeamViewer, please install the unsupervised teamviewer password a –passwd [PASSWD] 3.) After please stop the demon with sudo teamviewer –daemon stop 4.) In the global.conf file in /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf, write the following lines: Apparently, the Russian passion for freebies has been sewn into us since their birth. We always try to catch something for free. But this is especially true for digital content. We are not used to buying programs, games, movies, books, and if we have to, it is simply out of desperation. My question is: how do I accept the Teamviewer license agreement from /under the console at the first launch? There may be cases where TeamViewer wrongly recognizes commercial usage and restricts your connectivity, even if you have not breached the terms of the license.