Vista Del Campo Norte Lease Agreement

Any more questions? Please ask your community assistant or leasing office employee questions about these policies, procedures and procedures. Red Robin gave an excellent answer, but another thing I know, I think you can only sublet for a quarter. Maybe it was just in another complex (Verano), so I hope you can spend longer than that. Contracts for Residence Halls, Arroyo Vista and Campus Village are concluded online and require a $350 booking fee. Connect to the purchase gateway (link in the email of the contract offer) to access your contract. Please note the completion time in your residential offer email, as the offer expires as soon as the deadline is reached. Booking fees must be paid for the conclusion of the contract. Vista del Campo, VDC Norte, Camino del Sol and Puerta del Sol manage their own rentals. For information, contact these communities. Please note that housing contracts are legally binding documents that require holders for the duration of the contract. Referral to student Life – Leadership: Student Conduct: Possible sanctions at this level include warnings at university, mistrust, loss of privileges, exclusion from activities, reimbursement, university suspension or exit from university.

Failure to comply with the sanctions imposed will result in further disciplinary action. Written confirmation of offences and penalties can be copied from student rent guarantors. Termination of the tenancy/eviction: termination of the tenant`s tenancy agreement. This site is secured by a thawte Digital Certificate. This will ensure that all the information you send us via this website is encrypted. Please click on taugette Trusted Site Seal, which shows our commitment to your safety. If you need clarification of a policy in your rental agreement or manual, please contact a staff member for help. Please choose the option that best describes you right now: Thank you for submitting your application online to Vista Del Campo Norte. To get your individual lease as quickly as possible, please take a moment to answer the questions below.