Wifi Service Agreement

5. TRADEMARKS/PUBLICITY A. Use of the name and marks of the Internet technology provider. All brands, service brands and trade names that identify the products or services of the Internet technology provider or “brands” are the exclusive property of the Internet technology provider. PCT does not take measures that endanger trademarks. PCT may not use a brand or the name of the Internet technology provider in advertising, promotional material or public notice without the prior written permission of the Internet technology provider. The PCT must install a news server at its location as a precondition for the News Feed Network service. If necessary, message-reading software should also be installed on desktops and/or PCT desktops. Once the server is configured and the Internet service is configured, the Internet technology provider (download) feeds the selected PCT information from the Internet technology provider`s central information server via NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) to the PC server, where it can be read by all authorized users on the PCT`s internal network. Note that the client`s message-reading software is never directly accessible to network items from the Internet technology provider`s central email server, but all messages must be read through the PCT message server.

In the event of a breach by the Customer of a provision under this Agreement, TH reserves the right to terminate the agreement and services provided to the customer in addition to any other remedies available to the client. The subscriber, its representative, its successor and/or expressly ceases to compensate and/or release Seakay Broadband, its associated companies, subcontractors, employees, representatives, beneficiaries of the assignment or successor of any liability for claims, losses, shares, damages, actions or procedures resulting from the installation, use or cessation of the broadcast of SeaKay by the subscriber.