Sf Rent Board Rental Agreement

Many rental agreements prohibit smoking of any kind, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and marijuana. But tenants may have rights when it comes to medical marijuana. In addition, tenants have rights to passive smoking. The new law applies to short-term rentals in buildings of two or more units by residents residing in their units for at least 275 days a year. In October 2017, the Immigrant Ten Protection Act was passed to prevent California landlords from discriminating against tenants and potential tenants because of their immigration status. A landlord who violates the Tenant Immigrant Protection Act can be held liable for a civil fine of up to $2,000.00, plus 6-12 times the monthly rent. The full text of San Francisco`s Rent Control and Evictions Act. Understand which buildings are under rental control, when and how much rent can be increased and how tenants can be distributed. (532 KBytes, PDF) Generally speaking, buildings that contain two or more units built before 1979 have both rental protection and evacuation protection.