Promotional Land Sale Agreement

The agreement should set out clear objectives and obligations for the developer to maximize value, minimize the benefits of planning, and minimize affordable housing. Land development agreements, sometimes referred to as planning assistance agreements, are an increasingly common way for landowners to obtain the expertise and financial assistance they need to obtain building permits […]

Prenuptial Agreement Calgary

The existence of a marriage contract can simplify and speed up the normal course of events, as many of the most important decisions have already been made. Marriage contracts or “prenups” are a bit like personal accident insurance: you have to have them, but hope that you will never have to use it. Essentially, […]

Plc It Services Agreement

Get basic services with the Essential tier, a full range of support services with the Enhanced tier, or get data views and proactive management with the first tier. 2.10.1 The Company undertakes to correct all errors in the software developed under this Agreement and which are communicated in writing by the Customer within 30 […]

Pays Agreement

In addition, within the limit of an agreed ceiling, the company must also pay the supplier for products that he does not take. That penalty price is lower, say $40 a tonne…