St Michael`s Grammar Enterprise Agreement

[13] In support of a grant under this section, St. Michael`s Grammar School submits that it has no experience in representing interests before the Commission and that the three officers who should coordinate the case without legal representation would not be able to circumscribe the issues at issue and would in turn be key witnesses in this case. In this case, I am not convinced that the Article 596(2)(b) criterion has been revived. I haven`t met any of the three alternative supporters, but I would find it strange that a prominent and successful high school didn`t have people in its senior executives capable of having a striking effect, even an impressive effect. Admittedly, this possibility would not correspond to my observations of successful school principals. Successful people, and I doubt that the three appointed executives would not be able to manage the case of the school if they were forced to do so. There is no evidence in front of me that suggests they do not have the necessary skills. If you have an urgent question regarding your company agreement, order or assignment, please contact our industry managers to resolve your issue. [8] As regards Article 596(2)(a), even if legal representation allowed for a more effective solution to a case, a lack of complexity may still lead to the refusal of authorisation. 10 The school recognizes that exceptional staff are the most important element of effective training, which is why we attach so much importance to the support and development of our staff and our strong values-based culture. .

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