Mac OS X FileVault setup issues

So.. I decided that after numerous random issues with my iMac, I’d do the ultimate clean install, with a reformat of the drives. Multiple problems later and much googling along with some pseudo-random banging on keys, it finally works.   My initial goal was thus: Reformat my Fusion drive (stock 128 GB SSD + 1TB […]

Manipulating File Attachments

I got a question from a colleague today–not an uncommon one–regarding the correct usage of the GlideSysAttachment API. Throughout my examples, you I will generally assume that you’re using the Scripts – Background module to test your code prior to deployment. As such, there will generally be three parts to my “code snippet” posts: Code […]


Diapers: short for too many choices! Here’s the down-low: You have 2 primary choices, cloth and disposable, and we’ll discuss them in order.

Babies: What you NEED

Here’s a list of stuff you’ll need for your new little one. For our purposes, we’ll assume that your family is breastfeeding.