What Did Each Leader Gain From The Secret Agreement Quizlet

2 Germany triggers a new war in Europe, Non-aggression agreements- the Germans, Soviets, do not fight against each other The agreement involves a secret agreement for the split of Poland the blitz attack of Germany September 1, 1939-Hitler launches an invasion of Poland UK, France declares war against Germany, but Poland quickly falls lightning war-war-war-Germany new military strategy planes tanks, infantry used to surprise the enemy and quickly conquer Stalin looks at the signing of the German-Soviet pact 7 The Mediterranean and the attack of the Eastern Front North Africa , Italy first neutral Mussolini declares war on France, United Kingdom after the German victory September 1940-Mussolini, the British in North Africa attack Britain in December 1940-Britain retaliate in December 1940-The Republic , German general, fighting the British in North Africa in 1942, Rommel withdrew first, then succeeded against the British 4 The fall of France won at Dunkirk 1940-Conquer Germany , Belgium, Luxembourg Soon, Germany joined the rescue of the French coast at Dunkirk The German armed forces capture the British, the French on the coast near Dunkirk British Navy , civilians take ships through the channel to save the soldiers causes war “At the individual level of analysis, theories on war center on rationality. One theory, in tune with realism, says that the use of war … 5 The case of France France falls June 1940-France capitulated to GermanyCharles de Gaulle, French general, organized opposition to Germany In 1944 marks the beginning of the end for the Axis powers when Allied troops attacked Normandy during the D-Day invasion and began to repel the Germans… He changed his demands and took over the entire Sudetenland region. Poland claimed: Flash war during World War II: a German term for “Blitzkrieg”, Fast Movement and Surpr… WWII vs Vietnam War Reason War Began: a. World War II: Started in Europe on September third 1939, when the Head administrator of England, Neville Chamberla… Because the alliance of nations was, unless more with Britain and France did something. Hitler, they don`t believe that his army has… The First World War, a war motivated by the petty idea of being the supreme power, and all ideologies and all values would be adopted during the war to motivate… The Yalta conference, one of the last major conferences with Roosevelt`s participation, revealed some of the divisions between Russia and other allies… The start of the Second World War. Agenda 1.Bell Fight: Quick Review of Interwar Period (5) 2.Reading: Beginning of World War II (20) 3.Lend-Lease Act Quote (8) The Historical Book D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Climate Battle of World War II explains the planning and execution of D-Day.